Past Fishing Reports

The offshore and bay fishing charters and guides have been racking up the fish and the awards so far this summer.  A few notable tournament wins include the Iced Down with Captain Andy Eccleson winning Overall Grand Champion in the Offshore division of the Deep Sea Round Up and runner up adult division.  In the Bay division, Captain Matt Sherwood took Champion with some very nice fish.  Rene Lopez has been stacking up trophies in the tournaments and filling the ice chest for the clients on the charters.  Talk about being on the fish!


rene outboard

Rene Lopez, Seeing Red Guide Service Outboard Tourney

rene lopez deep sea roundup

Rene Lopez, Seeing Red Guide Service, Deep Sea Round Up

matt sherwood deep sea round up grand champion bay

Matt Sherwood Grand Champion Deep Sea Round Up

matt sherwood deep sea round up trout and red

Matt Sherwood Grand Champion Deep Sea Round Up


Another guide, Josh Garcia of Tejas Guide Service, has been keeping smiles on the faces of his clients all summer.

josh garcia black drum port aransas girls


tejas guide service josh garcia reds and kids

Captain Nate Forbes has made a very successful transition from dominating the offshore fishing to putting his clients on redfish, trout  and black drum.  There are many that have fished with him offshore and know that he can smell out the fish.  Here are some of his catches.



Captain Nate Forbes


Captain Nate Forbes

Congrats to the Mojo!!  2nd place at POCO Bueno this last weekend with a 574# Blue MArlin, only missing out on first place by 1 single pound to another Port Aransas boat, the Hasta Luego.

Mojo poco bueno 574 blue marlin

Mojo Blue Marlin 574#

Captain Tray Clark of Backstabber Guide Service  has been busy every night he is not offshore gigging limits of flounder and lots of black drum.  These pics are from a few of his trips trips since July 10.  You don’t have to wait for the fall flounder run to load up the freezer.  CHeck out these pics:

tray clark flounder gigging july 19

Captain Tray Clark July 10

tray clark gigging flounder port aransas july 13

One last picture of an impressive catch this last week on the High Bid.  The High Bid fishes states waters year around so they can and seem to always get there limit of 4 snapper per person any time of year.  This trip also produced some very nice ling and kings.

high bid charters port aransas king ling reds

Red Snapper 2015

The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) has announced a federal season for Red Snapper from June 1 -July 14  for-hire charter recreational season.  The for-hire charters will be able to catch 2 red snapper per person during this time.  

There is also a 10 day recreation period from June 1 – June 10.

As always, the state red snapper is open year round and if you can’t make it out during the federal for-hire season, there are boats available for the state red snapper, which allows catches of 4 per person.  The charter boats that fish for state water red snapper are : High Bid, El Gato and Taryn It Up.

Please call if you have any questions or would like to get out for some fun on the water.

March 2015 Port Aransas Fishing Report

The pictures can tell a lot better story than I can.  Over the last couple weeks, there has been some good weather and the offshore boats are getting out there and catching some great fish.  As Always, the inshore bay fishing and flounder gigging has been solid.  Take a look at the 317 pound mako.  I also heard the Iced Down released 4 this last week.  Time to get down here and get out fishing.

July Fishing Report and Pictures

The fishing has been exceptional this month of July so far.  Besides a new State Record Blue Marlin being caught offshore of  Port Aransas.  There have been a number of blue marlin, white marlin, sailfish, wahoo, dolphin and tuna being caught on the longer trolling trips. A lot of these fish are being caught off of some nice weedlines 50 -70 miles offshore.

If the trolling is not for you, there are a few boats, High Bid, El Gato and the Taryn It Up that have been catching limits of red  Snapper, kingfish, some ling, sharks, dorado and other fun fighting fish on their 8 hour state water trips.

High Bid 5 Hour Trip

High Bid 5 Hour Trip

High Bid State water trip july 12

High Bid State Water Trip













Another boat that has been venturing into federal waters and having excellent success is the Iced Down.  Take a look at these pictures of dog snapper, ling, kingfish, wahoo and the red snapper they managed to get during the Red Snapper season earlier in June.  Andy can get you on the fish.

Iced Down Fishing Report

Iced Down Sportfishing

Iced Down Fishing Report2

Iced Down Sportfishing

Iced Down Fishing Report3

Iced Down Sport Fishing












The bay guides have been on the different varieties of fish too check out some of the pictures of the catches by Rene Lopez… and a special congrats to Rene for putting his best fishing partner Natasha on the fish for the Deep Sea Round Up!  From catching her first redfish in January to winning top women angler of the Deep Sea Round Up, bay and surf runner up , first place redfish, first place flounder.  They even had a shot at a Tarpon on the jetties! Way to go Team Lopez!

Natasha n Rene Deep Sea Roundup fishNatasha n Rene Deep Sea Rounduprene tarpon deep sea rounduprene trout












Tray Clark has been having excellent results gigging for flounder, sheepshead and black drum this summer.  Here are the pictures to prove it!


New Texas State Record Blue Marlin 972.7 pounds

The Houston-based Legacy Fishing Team reeled in a 972.7 pound blue marlin that measured 137.5 inches off the coast of Port Aransas on Friday. The massive catch scored the eight man crew first place in the Bastante John Uhr Memorial Billfish Tournament.

Texas Blue Marlin Record 972                                           Blue Marlin State Record Texas

La Parguera, Puerto Rico Blues, Hoos & Mahi too.

Here are some pictures from a recent trip to La Parguera, Puerto Rico.  Fished with the “Mareja“, a beautiful 31 Bertram with an exceptional crew.  The pictures speak for themselves and just how great of a trip it was!  Thanks Captains Mickey & Juano!

IMG_4937IMG_5101IMG_5099IMG_5083IMG_5072rogers blue 600 x 300IMG_5008IMG_5002IMG_4997IMG_4980IMG_4950IMG_4919IMG_4912IMG_4900IMG_4880blue dodo 600 x 300under water dodo 600 x 300jumpimg dodo 600 x 300rogers blue 600 x 300IMG_5207IMG_5202IMG_5196IMG_5186IMG_5182IMG_5171blue dodo 600 x 300under water dodo 600 x 300jumpimg dodo 600 x 300IMG_5157IMG_5137IMG_5128IMG_5124IMG_5105IMG_5102

Port Aransas Fishing Report, Spring has finally Sprung!

After a consistently cold winter for just about everyone this past few months, the weather has started to warm up and the fisher men and women have been taking advantage of the bountiful waters around Port Aransas.  The weather did cooperate for some boats to get offshore the last month with the High Bid and the Iced Down taking advantage of the calmer waters to put their clients on some great deep sea catches.

The High Bid is going to be doing  state water trips ( 8hrs) year round which allows them to go after the ever popular Red Snapper anytime of the year.  You can see by the catches below that they know what they are doing.  There will be a couple of other boats doing 8 hour, state water trips as well, the Taryn It Up for those wanting a large comfortable boat and also the El Gato.

The Iced Down made it out during spring break and got their clients into some very large fish.  The grouper below ended up at 118 pounds.  That is a lot of sandwiches.  You can see that they also got into kingfish, some large amberjack and even some good sized shark.  Congrats on the great day Iced Down!

The bay fishing started off slow due to the cold water at the beginning of March with most of the guides targeting black drum and sheephead.  They were quite succesful and have added some redfish and a few trout towards the end of this month.  With the recent flounder regulations of the past couple years, there have even been a flounder or two on a good number of the bay charters as well.  If you really want some flounder, you can book a flounder gigging trip with one of the guides.  This is the time of year that the flounder move back into the bays. Check out Backstabber Tray Clark and the flounder he put his clients on.

Nice redfish!

Nice redfish!

Josh's box full of dinner!

Josh’s box full of dinner!

Josh Garcia's happy clients!

Josh Garcia’s happy clients!

High Bid with some groceries!

High Bid with some groceries!

Excellent catch on the Iced Down!

Excellent catch on the Iced Down!

Grouper 118 lbs.

Grouper 118 lbs.

Iced Down 118# grouper

Iced Down 118# grouper

Rene Lopez w a happy client!

Rene Lopez w a happy client!

Rene Lopez Bay Slam

Rene Lopez Bay Slam

High Bid State Water Trip

High Bid State Water Trip

High Bid 8hr Trip

High Bid 8hr Trip

Yellowfin Tuna on Overnighter, 2 Week Red Snapper Season in October

Here are some pics from a trip made over Labor Day weekend on the Happy Hour.  We ran down to a semi-submersible rig south of Perdido and had some excellent weather and some of the best fishing conditions you could ask for.  The one problem we did come across, besides room for the limits of yellowfin tuna, was scattered grass.  We also had a couple of whale sharks show up the second day of fishing.  We managed to jump off 2 blue marlin during the trip and had a third in the baits.  I was actually surprised that we did not see more marlin due to the conditions and the amount of bait present.  One of the blues was very large, conservatively 500+.

If you take a look at last years reports from October, November and December of the long trips, we managed yellowfin tuna and multiple shots at blue marlin through December, then the weather never cooperated in January and February.  Give a call if you are interested in booking a trip, or if you have any questions.

The Federal Red Snapper waters will be open for the first 2 weeks of October.  If you were not able to get enough red snapper earlier this summer, now is the time to do it.  If you are unable to get outthe first 2 weeks of October, then we do have a few boats that can get you state water Red Snapper year around and you can keep a limit of 4 on the state water trips.



Fishing Report in Pictures, Deep Sea Fishing and Bay

I could tell you what has been caught recently, but the pictures are more enjoyable to look at.   The bay catches are from Rene Lopez, Josh Garcia and Steven Simanek.  The offshore pictures are from the last month of trips and some tournaments.  Give a call to get out there, the weather has been great and the fishing even better!

IMG_4306big red lopezblack drum simanekel gato kingsflats redgarcia reds mangrove snapperjetty redreds lopezreds simanekshrimp boat fishingsimanek redstrips reds lopezIMG_4253IMG_4255IMG_4264IMG_4274IMG_4278IMG_4285IMG_4288IMG_4290IMG_4293IMG_4302IMG_4330IMG_4345IMG_4359IMG_4371IMG_4398IMG_4415IMG_4434IMG_4436IMG_4441IMG_4448IMG_4449IMG_4456IMG_4465IMG_4466IMG_4468IMG_4470IMG_4499

Blue Marlin! Tournament Season & Excellent Bay Fishing! Red Snapper fishing still available!

Do you have the summertime blues?  Down here in Port Aransas we do, Blue Marlin.  It looks like the blue marlin have shown up in good numbers again this year and have stuck around.  The boats billfishing have been able to get up to 2-3 shots at them a day along with some sailfish and white marlin.  Besides the billfish, these day charters have also been catching some meat for the grill…wahoo, dolphin (mahi mahi) and tuna.  The fish are mainly being caught around some deep weedlines 45-60 miles out, easily within reach of the charter fleet.

The marlin bite is good news for everyone fishing in the tournaments this summer.  During the next two months, the top sportfishing teams and boats will be competing in a number of different tournaments along the Texas coast.  This is prime time to catch many sailfish and white marlin along with the blue marlin.  There are also some very large dorado, wahoo and yellowfin tuna brought in to be weighed.  Check out the tournament schedule and see if you want to fish one or just show up and enjoy the festivities.

In a week or so, the charter boats not billfishing will welcome the shrimpers of the coast of Texas, normally within 35 miles and can be targeted during an 8 hour trip.  The shrimp boats normally hold a variety of different types of fish…king mackeral, ling, blackfin tuna, sharks, dorado…and just about anything else that likes an easy meal.

For those of you who missed red snapper season, there are a few boats that are able to keep on fishing for them in state waters year around.  Not only that, but you can keep up to 4 per person as well as gong after kingfish, sharks, ling and other fun fish.  HTe bopats that can fish for red snapper are the High Bid, Taryn It Up and the El Gato.  These boats vary in size and price range so there should be one for you.

The bay fishing has been very consistent with the guides targeting red fish, black drum and trout.  I even saw that a few of the guides are taing advantage of the light winds and calm seas to put there clients on some kingfish around the jetties.  This is also when the tarpon should start to get show up in good numbers.  There are a few guides who like to target the tarpon in case you are interested in catching a “silver king”.  Check out the picture below of  the catch made by Josh Garcia of Bernie’s Beachhouse Guide Service.